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Travel vaccines

Planning to travel to South America or Africa? Ask your doctor if you need any travel vaccines

We are a certified clinic to give Yellow fever vaccines.

Travel Vaccines

The type of vaccines needed to cover you vary from country to country, therefore a consult with your doctor is recommended to ensure you receive the vaccines most suitable for your travel location.  Listed below are common vaccine preventable diseases.

Yellow Fever

Contracted through bites from infected mosquitoes.  Signs and Symptoms include muscle pain, weakness, kidney and liver failure or even death.


Hepatitis A

Spread through contaminated water, food and faeces.  Signs and Symptoms include fever, vomiting, nausea and yellowing of both skin and eyes.


Hepatitis B

Contracted through infected blood and other body fluids.  Signs and Symptoms include tiredness, fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, muscle and join pain as well as yellowing of both skin and eyes.  Infection may become chronic hepatitis and lead to liver failure and cancer.


Typhoid Fever

Spread through contaminated water, food and faeces.  Signs and Symptoms include low-grade fever, enlargement of the spleen, gastrointestinal bleeding and in some cases, reduced brain function.



Contracted from contact with infected faeces and saliva.  Signs and Symptoms can include headache, severe muscle pain, neck/back stiffness and paralysis.

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