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Telehealth Appointments

Dear Patients,

Our practice offers tele-health appointments. This is available as both telephone consults or video consults.

Please note that there are certain restrictions that prevent us from doing telehealth for certain patient groups:

  1. New patients: Medicare does not allow us to do telehealth appointments for new patients. If you are a new patient, please call us on (02) 98318811 to book a face to face appointment.
  2. Patients who have not attended physically in the last 12 months: Medicare does not allow us to do telehealth for patients who have not physically attended the practice for a face to face visit in the last 12 months. If this is true for you, please come for a face to face appointment and we will be able to tend to your needs. Following this, we will be able to do telehealths for you for the next 12 months without you needing to visit.
  3. Non-Medicare/DVA card holders: it is practice policy to not do telehealth appointments for non-medicare/DVA card holders. Please call us on (02) 98318811 to book an appointment for a face to face appointment if you do not have a Medicare card/ DVA card.

Please note that due to the volume of patients that come into the medical centre, we are not able to offer a specific time for the telehealth appointment. The GP will try to call you in between patients as soon as they can.

Please also note that our GPs will only try calling you twice. If you do not pick up your phone during the second try, unfortunately you may miss your chance for a telehealth call for the day. On some occasions, we get too many requests for telehealth bookings for the day which means the doctors may not be able to get to your telehealth on the same day. If you require to see or speak to a doctor more urgently, please come in for a face to face appointment instead of booking in for a telehealth consult.

If you have a medical emergency while waiting for a telehealth call, please do not wait for the call but ring 000 immediately and seek urgent help.

Kind Regards,

Walters Road Medical Centre


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